London LAWN - London Area Wireless Network

Thanks for the bandwidth, London LAWN.

A program ahead of its time has now run its course, but new and faster options are coming to our downtown.

As of June 27, 2019, our downtown will be bidding a fond farewell to the London Area Wireless Network (LAWN), our free but outdated public wifi network.

The decision to discontinue LAWN, supported by London Downtown BIA’s board of directors, was due to rising costs and the evolution of technology, as well as exciting new developments with public wi-fi in London, including the City of London’s exploration of a 5G network with Rogers.

As a BIA, Downtown London is always focused on the most effective use of dollars to benefit our members and downtown visitors. Renewing licenses for previous generation technology and aging equipment, and which would soon be redundant with an upcoming City project, would not represent a sound investment on behalf of our members.

In the interim, free public wi-fi will still be available in a variety of convenient locations in our downtown, including at Covent Garden Market, London Public Library (Central Branch) and in a number of businesses.

As technology changes at a rapid pace, so does the natural evolution of public wi-fi networks. We look forward to working with the team at the City and Rogers to ensure that our downtown district is well served by the new public wi-fi offering.

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