London LAWN - London Area Wireless Network

A free, unrestricted outdoor Wi-Fi zone providing service to public spaces in London, Ontario, Canada.

The London Area Wireless Network (LAWN) is a free outdoor Wi-Fi zone between Ridout St and Wellington St, York St and Queens Ave, and further along Dundas St, King St, and Richmond Row. Indoor locations include Covent Garden Market and Citi Plaza Food Court.

    How to Log On

  1. Select SSID: on your mobile device
  2. Review the terms of the service agreement
  3. Click on Agree


What is London LAWN?

London Area Wireless Network (LAWN) was started as a pilot project to test the use of a Free Outdoor Public Wi-Fi Zone in London’s Downtown. It has become so popular that the zone has been expanded since the initial pilot was launched. London LAWN is one of Canada’s largest free outdoor Wi-Fi hot spots.

How do I get on the LAWN?

  1. On a Wi-Fi enabled device, select from the list of available Wi-Fi networks
  2. Read the terms of service
  3. Click ‘I Agree’

Who pays for London LAWN?

London LAWN is a collaborative venture between Downtown London (funded by downtown businesses) and the City of London. Both organizations have invested in equipment and installation. Ongoing operating costs are funded by Downtown London.

Can I get on the LAWN at home?

Probably not. If you live downtown, you may be able to pick up the signal in some parts of your residence, but there are restrictions and it’s not really intended for residential use. If you live outside of the downtown, you definitely won’t be able to access it. The LAWN is meant to be enjoyed in the outdoor public spaces in London’s Downtown. It doesn’t replace your current ISP. We cannot guarantee availability or access for business or residential use. Our locations and antenna positions are also subject to change, and this affects where the signal reaches.

Does the LAWN have any restrictions?

Yes. Of course, illegal activity is prohibited. We want to encourage creativity and ease of use, but in order to prevent the system from overloading (from too many users) or from being abused, we may sometimes reduce or restrict individual access after prolonged or heavy use, or during certain hours or special events, or limit access to certain file types, websites, ports, or applications. Currently if your usage exceeds 20GB in the same month, your device will be blocked. Please see our Terms of Use for more details.

How did the LondonLAWN network get its start?

The London LAWN began as a pilot project organized by a volunteer committee chaired by Joel Adams. Organizations involved include:


LAWN is an initiative of Downtown London
Louise Pyne
Customer Service Rep. – Downtown London
Phone: 519-663-2002
Twitter: @LondonLAWN

Terms of Service

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